Fun financial education for girls

We create the products and programs that teach girls core financial concepts in a way that is fun, relevant, and highly engaging.

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Financially empowered women are savvy about their money and smart about their short- and long-term financial choices, therefore having more options to create the lives they want. Yet, most of us aren’t achieving this. As women, not only do we earn less than men and spend fewer years in the workforce because we’re raising our families, but we also live an average of seven years longer. We have to work harder to save money throughout our lifetimes. Financial literacy programs for kids are all too scarce; we believe in teaching girls about money at an early age because every girl deserves the opportunity to become a financially empowered woman.

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Our year-long curriculums, delivered through monthly subscription boxes, focus on girls from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Each box includes an exciting Quest composed of games and activities, all designed to teach and reinforce vital money and financial concepts. We also include supporting materials and rewards, as well as parent guides to help moms, dads, and caregivers walk through the Quests with their daughters.

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Our curriculums are created by educational experts with a deep background in experiential learning, based on age-specific guidelines established by the National Financial Educators Council’s Financial Literacy Framework and Standards. Through experiential learning, we are able to tap into girls’ natural inclinations to solve problems through real world context, increasing the likelihood that they will grasp, retain, and use all they’ve learned.

inherQuests is dedicated to helping girls establish a strong foundation for lifelong financial independence and well-being. #FollowUs

Headquartered in New York City, inherQuests was founded by Dina Shoman, a fourth generation member of one of the Arab world’s most prominent banking families. Deeply committed to improving financial literacy for young girls, Dina was a board member for numerous banks and non-profits in Jordan, Switzerland, Australia, and Tunisia during the past 10 years. She was named the third most powerful Arab businesswoman according to Forbes Middle East in 2012 and is currently a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

About The Founder, Dina Shoman

Dina Shoman – like most girls – always considered herself fiercely independent and ready for a good challenge. While growing up in Jordan, she often found herself deep in Nancy Drew books, imagining she was an ace detective, heading on fantastic adventures and solving mysteries. As a member of one of the Arab world’s most prominent banking families, she followed in her family’s footsteps and built a successful career in the family business, yet she also longed to strike out on her own, find her purpose, and make a positive difference in the world by providing young girls with something they don’t typically receive: a hands-on education in managing money and personal finances.

With her banking pedigree, her love of adventure, and her own determination, Dina left the family business and headed to New York City.

Understanding the prevalent hurdles women face on the path to financial security, Dina turned her focus to young girls with the goal of helping them set a foundation for lifelong financial independence. Dina founded inherQuests with the belief that every girl deserves to have options, and the confidence and skills to make smart financial decisions. Recalling her childhood memories of playing detective, she developed the first inherQuests product – an annual curriculum structured around monthly Quests, delivered in a subscription box and designed to give girls a fun, experiential way to learn about money and core financial concepts.

As Dina takes on her own Quests and challenges – from facing her fear of heights by climbing to Everest Base Camp to tackling the hurdles of the start-up world – she is constantly striving to achieve her goals and ensure that every girl is given the tools and the opportunities to do the same.