What is inherQuests?

So glad you asked! We create age-appropriate products that keep girls moving forward on their journey toward building vital financial knowledge, skills and capabilities.

 We are working on our first product which will give girls a basic financial education through a fun, relevant and highly engaging an experiential and play-based curriculum designed for one-on-one interaction between you and your girl. Stay tuned and see how we make it simple so you can focus on the fun!

Curriculum? That sounds fancy.

It’s legit, all right—created by educational experts with a deep background in experiential learning who built the curriculum based on the National Financial Educators Council’s Financial Literacy Framework and Standards. We’ve also made sure they align with Common Core.

And in case you’re thinking “Who are these ‘experts?’” allow us to reassure you: we have counted on the expertise behind the National Coalition for Financial Educators who have developed the standards we used. Plus, our collaborators have undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology and education and numerous years of experience in the field, specifically in experiential learning.

Whew! That’s a mouthful. What’s experiential learning?

Very simply, it’s “learning by doing, reflecting, and applying to real life.” It’s kind of like how your parents always said “Don’t lean back in your chair like that, you’ll fall!” Until you experimented yourself, fell and got hurt, you didn’t learn that leaning back was dangerous and it’s likely you reflected at least long enough to decide you didn’t want to do it again (hopefully). Don’t worry, there’s no falling in our curriculum! But, there will be lots of fun hands-on activities real-life experiences for your girl.  That’s experiential learning.

Like many education experts, we believe this kind of learning is particularly important when the subject matter is considered by many to be complex or boring. Young girls, in particular, tend to do better when they can be active participants in their learning and are given real world context for different scenarios and problems. Their natural curiosity is well suited to experiential learning programs.

Why girls?

Women get less encouragement and opportunity to learn about basic financial concepts when they are young, and many doubt themselves or feel that the subject is more suited for boys. Lame. As they grow up and face realities of life, not only do they experience a financial disadvantage because of all the systemic gaps that exist (gender wage gap, working less, needing to save more for retirement), but they also may end up in dependence-based relationships with their family, their spouse, or their job(s), which holds them back from reaching their full capabilities and potential in this world.

This dependence limits their freedom to create the lives they want. By presenting key money concepts early, we can increase the potential for core skills, knowledge and good habits sticking in the long term, and for their confidence in themselves regarding money management to increase, enabling them to become financially empowered and savvy women.

We think all kids, regardless of gender or gender identity, are great! We’re specifically passionate about girls learning this stuff (see above)—but please, feel free to let any child in on the fun if you’d like. We don’t discriminate when it comes to learning good money habits (or in any other way, while we are on the subject.) Our product does not limit anyone else from using it, it just focuses on those we feel need to be more encouraged towards it.  

So how do you know this works?

Ah, you want proof! No problem. As we begin, we have integrated assessment tools that will be administered at the beginning and the end of each curriculum level which will provide us with information about each girl’s learning and progress. Each Quest Pack also has Quests designed as knowledge checks to help you ensure the learning is being absorbed as Quests are completed in each box. This is a long-term journey, and if the memberships are used in full year over year, you should see significant progress over time.  

No app? No screens? It IS 2017...

Here’s the thing: Kids get so much screen time already. We love online learning and believe it is a powerful tool. It is on our horizon, however, we are all missing out on the physical aspects of creativity and being engaged with others as a result of screens, so we have started in this model also specifically in hopes that we’re giving girls opportunities to learn and apply concepts IRL. Experiential learning means a focus on interacting with the world and the people around us.

How can I get a membership?

Because we are still beta-testing our K-2 curriculum, we are a little ways from being available for purchase—but hope to be in 2017 for those grades. We are looking for help from potential interested grown-ups to help us test or answer a few questions that might aid us in creating a killer product, so please email us. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive tips, news and updates. We won’t spam your inbox, promise!

What is your timeline?

Our goal is to launch our K-2 product in 2017. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter.

How about older age groups?

Since there isn’t as much focus for early financial education (K-5), we wanted to begin here, but that does not mean we will not continue with other age groups. It is our vision to create relevant products that are useful and effective for all stages of childhood, and those will look different than our initial product. Once we have a strong K-2 product, we will move forward to grades 3-5 and the sky (well, adulthood!) is the limit.

Will you have Quest Packs in different languages?

Sí. Oui. Yes! We plan to offer our programs in other languages, beginning with Spanish as soon as we can. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in having it in other languages beyond English and Spanish in the future!

Is inherQuests a non-profit?

No, it is a for-profit business with a social cause.

Where are you located?

inherQuests is headquartered in New York, NY. 

Will inherQuests be available outside of the US?

Right now, we can only ship within the U.S.; as we grow, we are looking to expand into other markets and to see how to localize the content based on local requirements, languages, culture and norms as needed. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!